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Sector Report: Software Q4 2020

In Q4 2020, M&A deal activity and overall M&A deal value continued its aggressive growth, and private financing activity grew at an accelerating pace. Investors continue to show a strong desire for software business models amidst greater cloud adoption and remote work environments, evidenced by another quarter of favorable performances in public markets

E COMMERCE’S KA CHING! YEAR 2020 Year End Review

The combination of public e-commerce and marketplace companies grew 68%+ throughout the year and saw a combined market cap  appreciation of $1.3 Trillion in value – stunning value creation

Sector Snapshot: Identity Software

Verifying and authenticating digital identities while managing and preventing ever-increasing online fraud remains a top challenge for businesses. To meet these increasing needs, the identity solution landscape is evolving on both ends of the ecosystem in exciting ways.

Market Update: PropTech 2020 Year-End Review

Despite a decline from 2019’s record capital raising levels, investment into the U.S. PropTech market remains incredibly active with ~$7.3Bn of equity and debt raised across nearly 300 deals in the category in 2020

Sector Report: Food and Beverage Technology

Since 2017, more than $29.7b has been invested into at least 980 F&B technology businesses, whereas 410+ have been acquired by ~290 buyers for an aggregate transaction value of $65.2b ($626.6m average transaction value)

Sector Report: Insurance Technology Q3 2020

Despite the challenging macro environment, InsurTech continues to be an active category, with ~$2.6Bn in financing volume and ~$10.5Bn in M&A volume during Q3 2020


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