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Sector Report: Education Technology H1 2021

The macro factors supporting EdTech are undeniable, as are the investment $ looking to be deployed in the sector

Marketplaces: The New Home for Luxury Goods: Q2 2021 Marketplace & E-commerce Review

The Q2 Marketplace & E-commerce report highlights the growing trend of marketplaces catering to luxury goods, both digitally native new market entrants and legacy luxury suppliers turning to technological solutions

Select Perspectives on Alternate Meat

Increasing consumer awareness about the harmful effects of the livestock industry on carbon emissions and global warming, a shift toward ESG and a desire to eat healthier are key factors responsible for the growing popularity of the alternate meat industry

Software Sector Report Q1 2021

In Q1 2021, M&A deal activity and private financing activity continued to grow whilst software performance in the public markets stagnated

Identity Software – May 2021

Advanced persistent threats are fueling rapid innovation and adoption of identity security and data protection solutions across different market verticals, which in turn have catalyzed some of the most significant M&A and funding activity in recent history.

A Spotlight on the Marketplace: Q1 2021 Marketplace & E-commerce Review

With a general “return to life” underway as the vaccine roll-out continues we are seeing many behaviors that consumers learned over the past year have carried over due to preference and convenience rather than necessity

Good Times. These are the Good Times- Recap of Q1 2021

The activity across the audio sector in Q1 2021 continues to reinforce our view of the two powerful and fundamental investment themes in the category: we are at the start of a 10+ year investment cycle in music, broadly; and, the re-platforming of the industry to the digital tier that is well underway will introduce greater monetization opportunities on a truly global scale for creators, artists, fans, indie labels, majors, and investors


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