November 27, 2018 | Announcements

AdExchanger Talks podcast: TV’s Upcoming Season

GCA Managing Director Joshua Wepman sits down with Zach Rodgers to discuss the changes afoot in television: the dynamics of the TV ads market, the rise of connected TV and addressable TV, and new opportunities around identity and data.

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Some highlights from the podcast:

“One of the areas where we’re seeing a lot of activity and hearing a lot of noise is the next gen of TV… when you think about the dynamics of the TV ads market, unlike the hegemony of digital, where you have Google and Facebook sucking up most of the oxygen in the room, it’s a more fragmented landscape.”
“Where we are actively engaged is the ‘new frontier’ of AdTech so to speak, which is in our belief TV, and particularly as TV takes on a lot of the attributes of digital. There’s connected TV and addressable TV – that begins to make TV advertising look a lot more like digital.”

“You will see VC money in [the TV ecosystem], but…you’ll see less of it. And so a lot of these businesses will actually organically scale over time.”

“Given the connection back, ultimately, to retail, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon and Wal-Mart make some moves in the space. I wouldn’t be surprised to maybe see Disney [make a move].”

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