November 8, 2017 | Announcements

GCA 3rd Quarter 2017 Summary

Strategic Advisory Leadership for the Modern Economy

In Q3 we saw sustained interest in the technologies required for the cars of the future, the continued dominance of the software sector and significant cross-border M&A activity.


“As the disruptive impact and economic promise of autonomous mobility on demand have come into greater focus, strategics have become increasingly active investors in order to ensure their access to the integral technologies of tomorrow.”

– Alex Vitale, Managing Director, Head of Electronics and Auto-Tech

Software & Big Data

“Data is the global common currency for brands and marketers alike. It is a dynamic currency whose value at any point in time can change and fluctuate and for which only software tools and solutions can manage and optimize in real time. Sponsors are enthusiastic for software companies’ growth and cash flow opportunities; buyers attach an even higher premium when a target has unique first party data.”

– John Lambros, Managing Director, Head of Digital Media


“We continue to see significant cross-border M&A activity from our corporate clients with access to low-cost capital. They are making investments in strategic assets across various geographies. We expect this trend to continue as businesses experience increased competition in a more connected global economy.”

– JT Herman, Managing Director, Head of Industrials and Industrial Technology

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Q3 transactions include pending transactions announced in Q3 2017 and transactions that closed in Q3 2017.

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