Shinichi Ono

Executive Officer - GCA Partners Corporation


Technology, Financial Technology and Services, Financial Technology, Insurtech (Insurance Technology), Industrials and Industrial Technology


Mergers and Acquisitions

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Shinichi Ono is an Executive Officer at GCA Partners Corporation. Prior to joining GCA in February 2017, Shinichi worked in M&A origination and execution at both Japanese and global banks, where he was primarily in charge of cross-border and domestic M&A transactions in industrial and financial sectors. Shinichi started his career at a leading Japanese insurance company and rating agency.

Shinichi’s transaction experience includes a Japanese forklift manufacturer’s acquisition by a leading industrial company, the acquisition by an auto-parts manufacturer of an anti-vibration rubber manufacturer (Germany) and rubber hose manufacturer (Italy), the acquisition by a material manufacturer of two automotive CFRP manufacturers (Portugal and Czech Republic), the sale by a Japanese OEM of a forklift subsidiary, the sale by a leading railway operating company of its leasing subsidiary, the investment by a leasing company in a post-payment service company, the investment by a leading Japanese trading company in a re-insurance company (Singapore), the sale of a general insurance company to an e-commerce company, the acquisition by a mega-bank of a large credit company with its affiliate companies, the integration of three credit and credit card companies, the sale by a leading cosmetics company of its leasing subsidiary, and the delisting of a SME finance company after a tender offer.

Shinichi received an MBA from University of Leeds (UK) and a BA in Economics from Osaka University. He is a Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan.

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