Shuichi Kondo

Executive Director

Office Address

GCA China Co., Ltd.
B02, 22F, Tower 3
Jing An Kerry Centre
1228 Yan’an Road Middle
Shanghai, China 200040

D: +81 03 6212 7160


Mergers and Acquisitions

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Member of the Board, GCA China Co. Ltd.

Shuichi Kondo is an Executive Director at GCA Corporation, the head of the Greater China team and the Director of GCA China Co. Ltd. He has over 11 years of experience in China, providing advisory services related to China during his time at Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Corporate Bank. His advisory experience includes market entry to the China, business development in China, M&A advice and investments to Chinese companies to both listed and unlisted in various industries. Shuichi started his career at The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Limited in 1987, and in June 1995 studied abroad at the National Taiwan Normal University to learn Chinese. In February 1996 he was stationed at the Shanghai Branch of The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (after integration, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Shanghai Branch).  He worked at the International Business Division of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. from February 2005.  In July 2007, he began working at the Mizuho Corporate Bank’s China business promotion division until he joined GCA in June 2011. He is a graduate of the Department of Economics, Meiji Gakuin University.

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